Our Brands

Wholesale Bread Supplier in Melbourne

Our Brands

Schwobs Bakery

The Schwob’s brand has been known for consistently producing the highest quality products since 1954. Schwob’s Swiss Bakery has a fantastic range of breads, pastries and sweet items available for the food service industry. Jurgens acquired Schwobs in 2019 to become the biggest wholesale supplier of bread delievered daily to our customers across Melbourne and Sydney.

Fabbros Bakery

In December 2017, Jurgens Swiss Bread acquired Fabbros bakery, which enabled us to compliment our number 1 milk bun in Australia.
Jurgens therefore, expanded into the ‘burger craze’ market space and continues to service some of the major burger establishments in Australia.

Triple Crust

In May 2016, Jurgens acquired Triple Crust bakery which enabled Jurgens to service the Mornington Peninsula in a greater scale.

Thorough Bread

In September 2013, Jurgens acquired Thoroughbread to its growing brand.
With the acquisition of Thoroughbread, it allowed Jurgens to branch out into other areas which otherwise would have remained unexplored. Furthermore, the value Thoroughbread brought to Jurgens was exceptional.